My son just fell in love with the movie Big Hero 6. He just loves Baymax (now for his fist bump he says “let’s do the Baymax bump”). When I was looking on one of my favorite crochet blog RepeatCrafterMe she had me a Baymax hat with pattern. I had the stop what I was working on and make my son this hat. He was so excited when I was finished. He had to wear it out to dinner that night and tell everyone who was on his head.


You can get Baymax HERE

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Made this hat back at Halloween.

I absolutely love this hat along with the Anna hat.

It took me sometime trying to figure out how to crochet

the crown into the hat.

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20140319-222231.jpgGot asked if I could make a Elephant Hat.

I was excited that they asked. I was wanting to make one,

but I have never had the time until now!!!

So what do you think?

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Made this for an amazing little boy.

This was suppose to be a Thing 1 and Thing 2 Hat.

Unfortunately he was the only one that lived and he had to fight to stay here.

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Made this Raccoon Hat for a friends nephew.


Raccoon Hat

Got asked to make a Raccoon Hat.

I love how it turned out.

I just love the fuzzy on the ears.

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